Dennis William Murphy ....and then

…and then



Struck by a brick

Thrown out of a

Big easy ford

With bad hub caps

And your Mother’s name

On the license plate frame

Fuck You Loser

Happy trailer trash to your

Methed up vibes 

And disenchanted focus

Tie me up in my silence

In my separation

Just give me a chance

To be broken

Ample unafraid just waiting

For the right tune to come along

…and then

Plow down the street

Tempted once more

But you don’t show it

Falling down into dealing

Comets and coronates, crumpets

Trumpets but I forget

Whose choosing losing

But the games not over….yet

It’s just the middle of me inside

This trap door island

and tumble drive

come on let’s go for it

soon we’ll find a bridge

and then…