Becoming YEH - AN Inward Out Journey

Divine Nature

You are created divine from the womb, perfect now – perfect then. The true elements of who you are, who you will eventually evolve to be are inside you. You are complete and completely you. You are in need of nothing. Born with all of the equipment and resources you will ever need, completely divine from the beginning.

Watchers as Consciousness

We are all dreamers, dreaming through our consciousness in “The Now” immortal from passage to passage the eternal highway of truth.

We face ourselves in each other, with whom which we connect and through inward out journey and the experiences in our lives, the guide it helps us through those experiences, an interpretive force within is the pause play and our indelible curiosity moves us forward stone by stone down the cobblestone path.

Bound to Others

Therefore we are indebted to one and other for the moment and eternity making choices beyond our understanding often clueless to our surroundings and the depths of the fundamental equation, the rubric of life.

And the developing truth known before the ages becomes relevant as our hearts and the center of our cortical stereotypic self is enveloped in the fusion of realization understood in the opening as love.

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