Dennis WIlliam Murphy Voice Actor
YEH: The image of Yeh - Winged angelic being encased in fire with the appearance of a man

Question: Who is YEH?

Answer: YEH pronounced “Yeah” is a divine being who has always existed, created by the creator of everything. The passage of YEH is timeless, the essence of consciousness that dwells inside the human avatar.

More about YEH: YEH adheres to the infinite construct of “the now” which has no end. YEH is able to plug and play feelings wants desires and emotions at every level in the consciousness realm. Fully in control of it’s human structure, the earthen avatar, YEH performs greatly and is synced up to the creator.

More about YEH: YEH’s super-power is Light, an incredible wielded sword against the undertow of negative programming, exposing the darkness of evil and hoard of murderous vipers who rule with fear, pain and greed. YEH is their threat and ultimate defeat.

More about YEH: Home for YEH is Nala – meaning “Beyond the Stars” – a serene halo sanctuary, Nala is home.