Dennis WIlliam Murphy Voice Actor
Photo of voice actor Dennis WIlliam Murphy with Newport Beach Harbor in the background.


DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY is a voice actor who lends his unique vocal stylings to the commercial and entertainment space. His range and scope of unique characters is balanced by the wit and charm of his equable vibe.

Raised on sunshine in Los Angeles and Orange County, DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY is a Southern California native and often found on his beach cruiser wandering the coastal beach environment seeking the endless summer experience. An avid music fan DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY interests span the dynamic of genres and epilog of time.

DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY is actively taking on new projects and active voice provides massive creative design enhancements (likability, appeal) that foster the development of your brand identity or current campaign. Please reach out to DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY through the contact section below. Hit the “Let’s Chat” button below and let’s move forward to higher conversions for your product or brand campaign.

Photo of Voice Actor Dennis WIlliam Murphy


DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY attained his formal education at Chabot College School of the Arts in Northern California, Tom Hanks Alum, completing more than 185 courseware units, DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY graduated with Honors in 2012 earning degrees in:

  • A.S. Business – Marketing
  • A.A. Radio/ Television Broadcasting
  • A.A. Mass Communications
  • Certificate: Digital Media

While at Chabot DENNISWILLIAMMURPHY wrote and produced radio programming for KCRH 89.9FM “The East Bays Best Variety” where he was the host talent providing upbeat vocal stylings for “The Murfdog Show” a Top 40’s Hip Hop R&B show; “HomePlus Advantage” programming dedicated to promoting local artisan who touch the homes in the Bay Area (Gutter Repair, Masonry, Contractors and Mortgage Banking professionals and Flooring companies, etc); in addition DENNISWILLIMMURPHY produced and hosted “Soundcheck The Bay” a local “On Air” style program featuring local new talent and guests from around the Bay and not so Bay Area!


When I look back at all of my life lessons over the last six decades there are two which really stand out, keep moving forward and attempt to find the good in every experience you encounter, because that’s what experiences are there for, small byte size tutorials for self adjustment – self improvement. My goal in life is simple, to be generous with kindness and attempt to understand someone else’s perspective; I don’t necessarily need to be right.

…Thanks for your interest, for more check out my Resume!