Evictions and the effect on the economy

These are the times…

In less than 30 days a reported estimate of 30 – 40 million people will be facing eviction reported by aspeninstitute.org in thier recent article from August 2020 – America at RiskNoted: 30 – 40 million people will be facing eviction per estimates.

If the media has a say I expect there to be a promo slogan, “Evicted Together” or “Pandemic Migration” or “We are all Finding Our Way” or some other kumbaya variant that will attempt alter a massive hand to mouth with a firearm exercise. You must be joking?… it will be the moment of truth for the world as it comes undone.

Some Science (don’t skip class)

In a sudo reality where the contrived illusion of “Safety” and “Security” is a thin line on the mirage horizon, we all take our cues from how our brains are wired and the genetic make-up of our mitochondria “the power cell” within a framework our  molecular structure know as Adenosine Triphosphateok too technical. 

It’s the stuff in the cell structure of your body that creates the energy you need for your survival. The “Mitochondria” is  creating a chemical energy “food” and it is “stored” in the molecule know as Adenosine TriphosphateIt’s like a “Scooby Pail” for your go-juice.

What the Flagnart?

So what does this all mean? Let’s begin with the process of eviction, a process provided by the court of law (a form of legal mediation “rules”) which are established by the local government(i.e. County where you reside), each state/ county has their own unique set of rules, know as the legal process. Imagine a world where that process is happing simultaneously (all at once) 30 – 40 million times…what the flagnart?…you’re darn right “What the Flagnart?”

Short Haul or Long Haul

The number of moving trucks is incredibly limited, as you can imagine, with Penske, U-Haul, Ryder and other short term moving trucking companies offer, on a first come first serve basis. Is may possible that a $19.00 a day bobtail will go for $65 – $250 a day. I am not sure…I left LA when there were 39,000 cases of COVID worldwide.

The currentPenske logistical inventory during the holiday’s “right now” are: bobtails below 26′ feet are not available due to FedEx and UPS fulfilling orders for their fleet of sub-26 foot product. So plan accordingly.

U-Haul has millions of trucks nationally according to the reservation department and confirmed by customer service. There is no internal top-down corporate messaging to employees regarding the influx of potential need in the coming 30 / 60 / 90 days. And U-Haul has a first come – first serve reservation model where price and availability coincide based on location.

Ryder has divested itself of the consumer rental truck fleet model about a year ago and is solely focused on servicing the corporate client. So if you had plans to rent from Ryder, you have to be a business owner.

C’mon man… can be heard in the faint distance.

Masked-Up Demo

Well…there will be a full-mask wearing, safe distanced demographic who will be hotel-couch surfing in the not so near distant future. And in a moment of social clarity, I find the surrealism of these forthcoming events to be alarming and underscored by a popular motive to establish the “going back to normal singularity” which will avoid the soon to be evicted like the plague. A disease far greater than COVID itself: abject poverty.

What’s next…

The inevitable careening toward the wall, an outtake of the fear that both motivates and destroys the forces of the heart. Anything is possible, if you believe in possibilities. Opportunity is a funny thing, perception and perspective hold the key. Let go of everything, the assholes and the narrow minded whom cannot foresee their future demise, let alone yours for goodness sakes. We all perish and your day will come too, maybe not today or tomorrow and in it you’ll hold on to your fear or freedom…one or the other but not both.

~Dennis WIlliam Murphy