Hen House Blues

Hen House Blues

Are we really who we think we are

or just imagination in the moment

Time forgot but didn’t mention

the convoluted deliberate intention

Who were you before you knew you name

that’s the game I’ve decided to play

I don’t need your forgiveness

Just the truth and that’s ok

bout to blast in a rainbow haze

Life is just a maze I’m not frightened

When you’re one you’re with it all

To be tall or to be small

It’s the question with the twist

I’ve not forgotten…AHHHHHugAhhh

Pop the cork give em hell

Stay safe stay well I’m living life

like tomorrow’s never comin….

Round the bend see some hens

Sixty five in ten coasting through the moment

Open doors and open windows

Look before you leap to avoid the sorrows

On the path skipping through the gate

Blow the horn it’s never to late

Nothin left to beg steal or to borrow

Just these Ol’ Hen House Blues

Hen House

Hen House

Hen House

Hen House Blues